What Others Have To Say...

It is a privilege and honor to have such amazing words shared with me and I feel like I have the best seat on the planet to be able to watch my clients rebalance their bodies, rekindle their spirit, and to soar!  Though I must say, I give God ALL the glory!  I am so humbled to be the vessel He uses to reach and restore so many!

Laura A., Minnesota

Working with Tammy has been a blessing. God is using her boldly in wholesome living, learning & healing. I was attracted by her faith & God has blessed me with the skill of relaxing & calming the inflammation in my mind & body - thru BreathWork. I am Soo looking forward to her new detox group, to further the healing in my body.
I have spent 18 years fighting CE/ME, Fibromyalgia, and misc other dis-eases! Specialists gave me pills to bandage up the symptoms, but they returned the day I quit taking the pills. I've been to multiple natural healers, masseuses, herb healers, etc. I have tried nearly every "magic" therapy I have run across - and if you have these demon dis-eases, you know these "cures" are under every rock and behind every bush. Working with Tammy I have developed multiple tools, that can now be used for my whole body healing. My brain fog is clearing. Pain has been minimized, I have reduced my ibuprofen from 10+ a day - to maybe 3 a week on really bad days. My blood pressure is running much lower than ever before.
My walk with God has become a blessing beyond measure. All of this has been possible because of Tammy's encouragement to keep going when I get down. Her "Just Show Up" attitude has given me more strength and courage then I could have ever imagined.
Thank you Tammy for sharing your healing gifts with so much love.

Dianna B., Georgia

Doing breathwork with Tammy has allowed me to relax more. It's hard for me to sit still. The 60+ minutes spent with her each week is time very well spent. I am taking care of myself so that I can better take care of those around me. I look forward to breathwork every week, and am disappointed when I'm not able to make it.

Shelley P., Canada

Breathwork with Tammy helps me reset my week.  The stress melts away and my overall health has increased with every breath I take during our sessions.  I look forward to each session!!!

Vicki L., Florida

Breathwork with Tammy Trayer has been a god-send in my life! Dealing with a Lupus diagnosis, it has helped me to cope with and manage flares! In fact I've been able to get off three medications with the help of Faithledhealing! I highly recommend it for anyone! Grateful & blessed!