About Me



 If you haven't noticed a theme, I LOVE Jesus, life, the outdoors, adventuring, and helping others!

My name is Tammy Trayer and I am so thankful you are paying me a visit. Just a little bit about myself… 

My family and I live 100% off-grid in north Idaho in what I call my wilderness playground. We live very traditionally and simply. I absolutely love my life, but even more so, I love nurturing, encouraging, inspiring, and supporting others to be the healthiest & happiest they can be and prepared for whatever may come their way!

In 2016, I had life-saving surgery from breast implant illness.  I went from hiking 21 miles in a day to not being able to walk not even an 1/8 of a mile without assistance. I struggled for 6 years prior to diagnosis, spent much of a year on my back following my surgery, and have been on a 7 year healing journey.  I was plagued with chronic pain, food sensitivities, histamine issues, excessive weight gain, hair loss, ridden with heavy metals, mold, and biotoxins, MCS, EHS, Lyme disease, Lupus symptoms, Fibromyalgia symptoms, MS symptoms, sinus issues, vision issues, digestive issues, skin cancer, extreme inflammation, gut issues, lymphatic dysfunction, chronic UTI’s, and today I am healthy and strong! 

 I am an author, writer, radio host at Mountain Woman Radio and Faith Led Healing podcast, educator at FaithLedLiving.com & FaithLedLearning.com, a wife, a mother, a certified Breathworker and an Integrative Health Practitioner.

I've done quite a bit in my life, but the path God has placed me on RIGHT NOW has got to be the most amazing part of my life thus far!